Solar System Images
Jupiter, Saturn and Venus.
Taken in early 2001
Mars, with images from a simulator for comparison. This was before the Great Dust Storm obscured the whole planet!
A better Saturn image.
Taken 27/11/01
Lunar mosaic, made from five
separate exposures.
Mosaic of 9 images - taken in daylight through double glazing!
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Comet Ikeya-Zhang, 03 Apr 2002
Stack of 20x10-second images.
Above right, unprocessed stack. Above, reduced and unsharp masked to show tail. Below right, another image, from 05 Apr.
Click here to see an animation of the comet, speeded up 250x (Files size 700k)
Note the satellite speeding past at the end of the animation!
18th Feb 2002
A better mosaic, taken on 18th Feb 2002.

Click for full-sized image