J-Scope VST Oscilloscope plugin

Oscilloscope showing snare waveform

J-Scope is a VST* oscilloscope plugin, which can prove invaluable to anyone who develops audio software and has a need to diagnose problems or visualise waveforms.

In operation it is very similar to a real oscilloscope, and most controls will be familiar to anybody who has used a hardware 'scope. The addition of a control for phosphor decay time allows the examination of rapidly changing waveforms as well as slowly evolving sound envelopes.

J-Scope accepts a stereo signal, and can display it in several modes:

Other features of J-Scope include:
New in V1.1


J-Scope is donation-ware, downloadable from this site only - you may not sell it, make it available through any other website, or redistribute it in any way without my express permission.

Download JScopeV1_1.zip Windows 32-bit VST 2.4 zipfile, 438KB
Download JScope_x64_V1_1.zip Windows 64-bit VST 2.4 zipfile, 462KB

To install, simply extract the file jscope.dll or jscope_x64.dll and copy it to your VST directory.
If you find J-Scope useful, you might like to buy me a virtual beer by making a small donation.

J-Scope was developed using the excellent Skinman and Knobman GUI tools from g200kg.

Disclaimer: J-Scope is believed to function as described above and is offered in good faith on an as-is basis. However, you use it at your own risk - I cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused by the installation or use of this software.
J-Scope is currently available as a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows VST 2.4 plugin.

Screenshots - click to see full size (opens in new window):

Oscilloscope showing monophonic square waveform
Mono square wave with measurements
Oscilloscope showing stereophonic waveform
Stereo waveform
Oscilloscope showing X/Y phase plot
X/Y plot, sum vs difference
Oscilloscope showing stereo envelopes in on-shot mode
Stereo envelopes, oneshot trigger with pre-delay
*Note: VST is a registered trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.
Thanks to Rob Collins for snare image and for beta testing J-Scope 1.1