Interactive Image Preprocessor

iPrep is an interactive image preprocessor. It deals with the correction of common long exposure imaging defects, operating on a collection of source images and allowing the selection of a variety of pre-processing algorithms. The results are visible in a preview window, allowing the processing parameters to be fine-tuned prior to saving the final results.


The downloadable ZIP file contains the program iPrep.exe, and a rich text file iPrep.rtf containing a description of its features and how to use them (you can read this file using WordPad.)

You can also download a sample iPrep project, demonstrating some of its capabilities.


A raw image frame. Note the gradient.

The same frame after application of a synthetic flat, correction of a couple of hot pixels, and a bit of a stretch.


As usual, the program is offered 'as-is' with no guarantees made as to fitness or suitability for any purpose, and no liability assumed for any loss or damage resulting from its use. I use it regularly and have not had any trouble with it. However the downloading and use of the program is done at your own risk.

You may not sell or re-distribute iPrep, but you may download it from this site or publish links to this page.


iPrep is downloadable for non-commercial use, as 'conscience-ware'. This is not the same as freeware or shareware.

When you have used iPrep for a while, I would ask you to consider what you think it is worth to you, and maybe think about making a small donation - say, the cost of a pint of beer - using PayPal (all major credit and debit cards accepted) by clicking on the button below - this will greatly encourage me in the futher development of iPrep and other programs. So far I have not been greatly encouraged :-(

iPrep contains a link to this page from the 'Help->Payment' menu option, should you wish to return here in the future..


iPrep est gratuit pour télécharger. Si vous le trouvez utile vous pouvez m'acheter une bičre virtuelle en faisant une donation de quelques euros. Cliquez le bouton de Paypal !


iPrep ist kostenlos zu downloaden. Wenn Sie es nützlich finden, können Sie mich kaufen ein virtuelles Bier, indem Sie eine Abgabe einiger Euros geben. Klicken Sie die Paypal Taste an!

Download iPrep V0.9 (37K)...
Download example project (235K)...
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