Colour Images
M27   19th July 2002

R: 3x8s Binned
G: 6x8s Binned
B: 5x8s Binned

L: 15x6s Unbinned

Combined in homebrewed software, processed in PaintshopPro.

Baader Neodymium filter to combat light pollution, short exposures due to poor polar alignment and unstable air.
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M57, the Ring Nebula.
10x15s each R,G,B
10x10s L
M27 1st Sept 2002

R,G,B: 8x30s Unbinned

L 8x30s Unbinned + above image

Baader Neodymium filter
IR blocking filter

I used the 19th July image (rotated) to augment the luminance channel, which was otherwise rather poorly defined.
M27 LRGB 4th Nov 2002.
12x15s + 4x30s (unbinned) Luminance,
combined with RGB from Sep 01 image (above, rotated & scaled).

Baader Neodymium LPR filter.
M82, in Ursa Major.
12x15s each R,G,B
15x15s L